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The Fall Essential.

Nothing adds style to a look, like a good scarf. Whether, it’s a lightweight one whisking you off into your day, or a heavy winter scarf, to keep you cozy, they are amazing. For me, I love scarves because you can get ones that are beautiful, yet inexpensive. Old Navy and Abercrombie and Fitch are always a good place to go. I love their scarves because they are usually long. When I want to treat myself, I usually head to Madewell, since they make such beautiful scarves that are amazing quality. Style is all about making a look your own and a scarf really allows you to customize any outfit. Scarves also allow you to do some pattern mixing. I love pattern mixing, but it has to be done right, and a scarf allows you to mix and match without going crazy. They really are the perfect accessory to tie a look together. That’s also the other amazing thing; there are endless ways to tie them! Wrap it, knot it, tie it, just add a scarf to your next outfit! You won’t be sorry!

Here is some inspiration for you!

( Show me your creative fall scarf look on Instagram with #lauraslatestthing)


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