The Perfect Holiday Bite

With Christmas right around the corner… I mean next week. How did that happen? I have the perfect holiday treat for you to take to any party or family gathering. Everyone loves a good truffle; well i’m putting a festive spin on it this year. Ginger Snaps! They are the perfect little bite of holiday spirit! So here is what you will need.


1 Box of Ginger Snaps

8oZ. of Cream Cheese

1 bag of White Chocolate melting wafers.


Crush up the Ginger Snaps if you have a food processor it helps ,they are a pretty hard cookie.Once they have been finely crushed, add in your cream cheese (should be at room temperature). You can use your processor or the best tool in the kitchen, Your Hands. Once they are well combined together roll about 1-inch balls and place on a baking sheet. Refrigerate for an hour or until firm. Once they are firm melt your chocolate and dunk each truffle. I like to add a little holiday cheer with some sprinkles. That’s it. It’s that easy, and everyone at the party will be asking how you made this divine treat!!!


These are also fun and easy to have kids make and leave them out for Santa!



Enjoy everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Show me your holiday treats on Instagram. Use the hashtag #lauraslatestestthing


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