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Valentines Day.

Love is in the air… and the stores are filled with candy. Is there any better time to be in love?  I mean I’ll take any excuse to buy a bag of M&M’s. So even if you don’t have a little love bug, go get yourself a bag of heart shaped candy. For all my love bugs out there this is for you. I’m giving you a His and Hers gift guide to Valentines Day. So grab your M&M’s and take notes. My first gift idea is for something to buy your fella and its very simple…. Alcohol! That’s right it’s that simple. Go to the store and buy his favorite bottle of Whiskey or a nice bottle of Gin. Another fun little idea that I love to do is the make your own six pack section at the store. Something that you can personalize that your man will really enjoy. I also bought a little thing of nuts… the perfect accessory to beer. This is where you can get really cute! I bought these little jars at target with a chalkboard top and wrote “nuts about you”. These are cute little things you can get for cheap and spice your gift up. Gentlemen guess what! It is that easy for you too! Get your lady a nice bottle of wine. You two can enjoy your gift together. The best thing about wine is they make really cute ones now with fun little names. You can personalize it to fit your lady. Get a little cheeky with it and make it fun!


The next gift idea is some high class pampering for your man. Go spend some time at The Art of Shaving store. They have some really great items in there. Whether your man has a beard or keeps himself clean-shaven there are some great items in there. It’s a nice little special gift to get. You can get some really nice beard oils and shaving cream there that your man will really enjoy! It also looks really nice sitting out in your bathroom! In true his and her fashion. Men… go make your lady and little goodie bag! Go to the store and get a little bag of things she can pamper herself with. One nice item you can put in there is a facemask she can use. My favorite right now is the L’Oreal pure clay mask. They are a breeze to use, smell amazing, and will make your lady feel like she just left the spa. Other nice items to put in there are really nice body butters. I love anything Aveeno.. I pretty much swear by them! Bath and Body Works also just came out with these really nice new all natural body butters! You can throw in a really nice candle and add some bubble bath. So pour her a glass of that wine, light a candle, and run her a bath… if your feeling really fun, join her with your new ice cold beer. My last his and her idea is fragrance! To me there is nothing more personal or special than a fragrance. Get your loved one your favorite scent you love on them! These are just some little ideas of things you can get your loved ones that can be fun and a little out of the box!


Happy Valentines Day everyone…. and everyone enjoy the pink M&M’s!!!

Also don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and show me your favorite items or what you got!!! #lauraslatestthing

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