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Bits and Bobbles

Hello, Dolls! Today I thought I would share some new little things I have picked up the last few weeks. Tell you what I’m loving and one product that didn’t quite make the cut.


So, do we want the good or the bad first… ahh okay let’s have some fun and talk about the good! So, for St. Patrick’s Day, I picked up some shadows for a fun little look and they ended up being amazing shadows. The first shadow is from the L’Oreal Paris Infallible collection. It is in the color Golden Emerald. I have never tried these shadows before and I was shocked! The pigmentation was incredible. It applied very buttery and blended so easily. I cannot wait to pick up more shades at the store. The other shadow that I am loving ,is a cream shadow from Revlon. It is part of their color stay collection! I have mine in the shade 725. This shadow is a beautiful golden champagne color. My favorite way to use this shadow is to apply it as a base and then apply a regular shimmer shadow on top. It gives the shadow a really nice base and helps give it that extra little pop. I really love this shadow when I’m in a hurry and need to get out the door. I just dab a little on my finger, smooth it over my lids and you are good to go all day.


A lip product i have been loving is the new Revlon Kiss Balm.  It is the perfect little lip balm. These come in 6 shades. I am currently using the peach balm.  They are just perfect. They give your lip a really nice shine and they are so moisturizing. I also really like that the scent is not very strong. These last all day too. I don’t feel like i have to keep applying this product all day long. This is my new go to lip product to keep my lips moisturized.


So ,I have a perfume and a lovely pair of earrings to share. The perfume I have is from Anthropologie. It is part of their Fiction Collection. Their perfumes go by the shade of color. The bottle I have if their London shade. It smells so good. It is very light and fresh smelling, but still has a little sexiness to it. This perfume has Magnolia, Green Tea, and Floral notes. It is perfect for your ever day perfume. The next item is an adorable pair of earrings. If you are a trend follower then you are aware that the tassel earring trend is huge right now! I love these earrings because they are kind of a play on that trend. They are a lovely stud with just little tassels hanging. I got this pair from target they are part of their Baublebar collection! They had so many cute ones that would fit anyone’s taste to try this new little trend.



Okay… so you all knew it was coming… the bad. So everyone has been loving this electric blue eyeliner trend, me being one of them. So I picked up the NYX Colored Felt Tip Liner. This eyeliner swatched like a dream and I was so excited to use this. Well, it was awful. When you actually go to put it on your lid nothing comes out. I had to press so hard and put so many layers on my eye. I usually use a felt tip liner when I line my eyes and I have never had this problem. I think if they would have shortened the felt tip a little bit it may have worked a little better. I’m not sure this was a big miss for NYX. I just wouldn’t recommend this product because there are so many other felt tip liners out there that are great!

I have linked all the products I loved below so you can shop or see any other shades you might love!


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Enjoy your week love bugs!



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