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The Double Cleanse.

Hello dolls! Back here with my latest thing. So have you ever gone to a store and looked at product every time you are there but you never get it? That was me with Pixi products. I always wanted to try them but never did… until now. PIxi recently launched a collab with youtuber Caroline Hirons. The Double Cleanse. There is a solid cleansing oil on one side and a cleansing cream on the other.   The first time I used this I wasn’t sure about it, but I never judge a product on the first try. Thank god I didn’t because this has quickly became my favorite cleanser. I was also worried that there wasn’t a lot of product, but a little goes a long way. The solid oil is amazing. Once you start to use it the product gets almost soft. It melts your make up right off. I mean you can actually see it melting away the day from your face. For the best results take a little time and really work the oil into your face. Then I just use a damp washcloth to wash it away. Then you apply the cleansing cream. This cream is so gentle on you skin and leaves it feeling so soft. I apply and wash this off my face the same way I do the oil. This product has no scent, which I love. I have extremely sensitive skin and this has actually had a calming effect. So Pixi you have my attention! I cannot wait to try more products! Have a lovely day dolls and let me know what Pixi Products you are loving!



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