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The Good, The Bad, The Weird.

Hello Dolls! Here with my latest thing! Today we are going to be talking about the weirdest product I have ever used in my life. We are going to be talking about the Arrow Boost Lip Balm.


I received this product in my March Birchbox. So I have a love hate relationship with this product. This product is supposed to react to the PH levels in your body and change colors on your lips. This part of the product does work! It really does change colors and honestly turns into a beautiful color. When I first put this on I was like WHATTT (insert eye popping emoji here ha). It was so beautiful and felt so amazing on my lips. Well that lasted about 20 minutes. This product is so drying. My lips actually started to crack! I was like wait isn’t this supposed to be a lip balm! It left the funniest feeling on my lips and made them so dry. I have never experienced something like this in my life. I was like hmm maybe I should exfoliate my lips, but it’s a balm!!! I should not have to exfoliate to use a lip balm. It should be repairing my lips not destroying them! I wanted to love this product so much that I tired a couple more times. I got the same results. I also thought maybe it was just me. So I read the reviews on this product and other people have had the same problem! So for me this product is a no. I also want to mention this product retails for $14. To me, that is expensive for a lip balm! Now if this had worked I would have paid that. I’m so sad this product didn’t work out because it honestly does turn into a beautiful color. The drying is just too overwhelming for me to try this again. Hopefully my next latest thing will not be such a dud. I hope you all enjoyed and see you next time!!


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