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Morphe Eye Shadows.

Hello my little love bugs! I’m back with my latest thing. We are going to be talking Morphe shadows today! If you have not tried Morphe shadows I have one question for you. What are you waiting on? They are incredible. The best part about these shadows is the fact they are so affordable. You get about 35 shadows in each palette and they range from $19.99-$22.99. These shadows are so creamy and so pigmented. When you touch them they almost feel wet. I love these shadows because they are so easy to work with. They are so blendable. You can create so many looks with just one palette. (but once you try these you will want more than one.) Their most popular palette they have is the 350. I own this palette and it is amazing. If you are a person looking for just one amazing eye shadow palette… this is the one. It is filled with amazing warm, buttery shadows. It has a great mixture of mattes and shimmers. Even though it is mostly filled with warm tones there are a few cool tones in there also. The amount of looks you can create are endless.


The other palette I own is the 35W. This pallet is perfect for Smokey eyes. It has a ton of great transition shades. It is also filled with amazing purples tones and a few black shadows. It also has some warm browns to create an amazing everyday look. Here below are some looks I have created using both of these pallets. I honestly never by shadows from the drug store anymore because these are so amazing.


You can purchase any of these palettes at Head on over there and see the amount of endless possibilities that await you!




I hope you all enjoyed! Leave me a comment of your favorite Morphe pallet.


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