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Milani Conceal and Perfect.

Hello my little love bugs.. back with my latest thing! We are going to be talking about the Milani Conceal+ Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation + Concealer. (Whoa let me catch my breath). So we are going to dive right into it. I purchased this at target for $9. The reason I purchased this is because so many youtubers rave about this product. Well my friends we have a case of YouTube made me buy it. This foundation is not great. The first time I applied it I was in love, but this is why I wear my makeup at least a week before reviewing it. The one thing I do like about this foundation is the way it lays on my skin. It really does have a beautiful finish. It is one of the only foundations I have found that does not sink into my fine lines (mid 20’s probs). It also has a pump which is always a major plus for me. Sadly the love ends there. I got the shade 02 natural which is the second lightest in the range. Wow it is YELLOW. I would need to purchases the lightest shade. I have never been the lightest shade in a foundation range. Which means if you are fair toned you’re out of luck. This foundation is full coverage, which I also like. It has a very thick consistency. The problem is that it is so patchy after you apply it. I would look in the mirror and it had just disappeared on my face. The patchiness was really bad around the jaw line. Ugh it was so frustrating. I would head out the door, flip my car mirror down, and I was like wear the hell did my foundation go. I tried setting it down with a powder. This did not seem to help. I am so sad! I wanted to love this product, but it is a hard pass for me! So for now.. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect foundation. Leave me some suggestions in the comments! Thanks for reading, see you next time!!



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