September Favorites.. finally

Hello darlings back with my latest thing!!! We are going to be talking September favorites today! There were a few products that I really loved in September. So lets jump right in to it!!


The first product I have for you guys is the Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash. I actually received this product in a BirchBox and I cannot stop using it. This cleanser is amazing!!!!! It for real leaves your skin squeaky clean. I have been using this as my in shower/morning cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and so clean. I cannot really describe the feeling it leaves on my skin other than it leaves it feeling squeaky-clean. The best part is the scent. It is heavenly. It has this lovely mint/citrus scent. That’s why it is so amazing for the morning because it’s so fresh and light and really wakes you up! I will definitely be buying the full size of this product!



Next up on my list is a great drug store concealer. The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. I love this concealer because you can get a really full coverage. The age rewind is a nice creamy concealer. It layers really nicely on top of foundation and powder goes over it nicely. It is a very long lasting concealer also. I don’t notice it breaking up or creasing throughout the day!!


Now onto the lips, I feel like I always have a lip product! I have been loving the Revlon Matte Balm in the shade Striking Spectaculaire. It is an amazing red orange color. I love these lips products because they are really opaque but so nourishing to the lips. They last all day long but are so comfortable on the lips. This lip product also has a lovely peppermint scent. I have a couple of shades in this range but I have been reaching for this one lately. I’m trying to get my full use out of it before fall is official here!


Last but not least! I’m not going to say much about this product because I have talked about it before, but I have re-fallen in love with the Becca/Jaclyn Hill palette. In particular I have been using champagne pop. It truly is a beautiful highlight and I cannot get enough!!! I have also been loving the nose highlight ha which is weird because I used to hate highlighting my nose!


Thanks for reading guys! Don’t forget to follow before you leave!!


Until my next latest thing! -Laura


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