Blogmas Day 1 ( The Perfect Gift.)




Hello Darlings!! Back with my latest thing!!! This year I am going to attempt to do Blogmas!! I’m very excited and December snuck up on me so we shall see how this goes!!! Today we are going to be talking about the perfect gift to give someone! A Christmas ornament!! To me a Christmas ornament is the most special gift you can give/receive from someone.



Decorating the Christmas tree has always been my favorite part of the season. Growing up our tree was always filled with ornaments that had been given to us or passed down by a family member. Every time we would pull an ornament out and put it on the tree my mom was always able to tell you who it came from and how she got it. Every single ornament was filled with a memory.


As I got older and started to receive ornaments from people I finally got what my mother was always going on about. Telling us that each and every ornament has its own special memory. Now every year when I pull out my decorations I am able to remember my middle school best friend Denise and all the fun we had when I see her ornaments, I am able to remember a elementary teacher that I always loved, I think of my neighbors and every fun gift exchange we have had. As I hang every ornament its like I get to be with that person for one brief moment.


So the next time you are wondering what to give someone, give them a Christmas ornament… take the time to hand pick one out that reminds you of them.


Because when you give a Christmas ornament you are not just giving a gift…. You’re giving a memory.


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Until my next latest thing-Laura


11 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 1 ( The Perfect Gift.)

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’m always buying my grandparents ornaments as they absolutely love them, and I love getting them something new and unique each year!xx

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  2. I buy myself a new Christmas tree decoration every year and my Mum has started getting me one too. I love having a very random but unique looking tree. Although when I own my own home they’ll definitely be some perfectly classic trees there too 😉

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