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Favorite Winter Bath & Body Works Candles. ( Blogmas Day 2).



Hello Darlings!! Back with my latest thing!!! It’s Blogmas day 2 and I’m already having so much fun!!!! So in honor of Bath and Body Works major candle sale today I thought I would talk about my favorite winter scents!!! Bath and Body Works has my favorite candles and they now infuse essentials oils into them, which I love!!! So we are going to jump right into it!!

So first off we need to talk about how Bath and Body killed it with the packaging game this year!!! Not just in their candle range either! They brought out the cutest packaging I ever seen!!!! All right lets get onto my favorite candles!!



The winter candles are my favorite and my all time favorite is Spiced Apple Toddy. Ahhh it smells amazing!!! This candle makes it feel like the holidays. It fills your home with warm cinnamon scents and makes your whole house smell amazing!!! I highly recommend this one! It is my all time favorite. This is the perfect candle to light if you have company coming over.

Notes: Cinnamon & Clove essential oils and notes of Apple Brandy



Next on my list is a new addition into my collection. Frozen Lake. Guys… you need this. It’s incredible. It’s a very unique scent but amazing. It is a masculine scent with hints of floral. It reminds me of winter every time I smell it!!

Notes: Juniper Berry & Eucalyptus essential oils.


This next one is quickly rising to my new favorite!! Snow Mountain Lodge is incredible. I love to light this and curl up next to the Christmas tree on a cozy night. It really does make you want to go to a snow-covered lodge!!!! It’s warm and Smokey and cozy.

Notes: Smoked Embers, Pine and Patchouli essential oils.


The last on my list is flannel. This is also a fall candle but they always repackage it and bring it back out for Christmas!!! This one smells fresh and masculine. This is a very good candle to light in the evening. It is a great candle to light when you just want to sit down, have a drink, and catch up with loved ones!

Notes: Orange peel and Patchouli essential oils and soft musk notes.


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Until my next latest thing- Laura

Merry Blogmas!


7 thoughts on “Favorite Winter Bath & Body Works Candles. ( Blogmas Day 2).

  1. I’m more into wax melts these days, but these look and sound amazing! I like the packaging too, and I love that they have essential oils in. I might have to stop by Bath and Body Works to check these out.

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