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Blogmas Day 4. (Favorite Blushes.)



Hello darlings! Back with Blogmas day 4!!!! How is everyone doing!! Let me know some of your favorite Blogmas post you have seen so far in the comments!!! So today we are going to be talking about my favorite blushes!!!! It is funny I am even talking about this because when I was younger I never wanted to wear blush. Once I got older though I started to use it more and more. Now it has become a staple in my routine! Even if I am doing very minimal makeup for the day I still add a touch of blush. I just find it adds a little something to your look and gives our skin some life! Especially this time of year when I feel like my skin can look a little dull.


Okay so first up on my list is my all-time favorite blush! Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. I love this blush because it is almost a mix of a blush and a highlighter. It is this gorgeous soft pink color with the most perfect sheen. This is my favorite blush to wear when I don’t feel like doing my whole face of makeup but i want to put a little something on. It works double duty. It adds that color I want and a healthy glow! I highly recommend this blush for your perfect day time blush!


Next up on my list is the Physicians Formula Butter Blush in the shade Plum Rose. This blush a beautiful mauve pink. This blush is for real like butter. It goes on so smooth and blends so effortlessly. I love this blush for the winter time because it is a little bit deeper of a shade. It adds a little extra umph to my skin! This is a great night time blush or day time blush. I think that is why I like this blush so much  because it is so versatile. You can wear it anytime of the day and it looks amazing!!!


Last but certainly not least is a product I just talked about in my November favorites! It is the e.l.f blush palette. I won’t say a ton about it because you can check out my last post to see all the amazingness. I did want to include it thought because it is one of my favorite blush products! I love this palette because it has a blush for whatever mood you are in. This is also perfect to travel with. You can take 4 perfect blushes with you in one compact case! It also has a mirror which is always a plus in my book!!


Okay my little loves! Those are my all-time favorite blushes! Hope you are enjoying these Blogmas post! Let me know what else you want to see! Don’t forget to follow before you leave!

Until my next latest thing-Laura


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