Blogmas Day 5 (Homemade Hot Cocoa.)

IMG_1438Hello darlings! Back with my latest thing. Today i am going to be telling you how to make the best Hot Cocoa at home with just 2 things!!!! I really wanted some hot chocolate one night and i didn’t have any mix. I did have Dove chocolate and milk though.  There is just something about turning on a christmas movie and drinking hot cocoa by the christmas tree.


All you have to do is heat some milk up on the stove over medium heat for about 10 minutes.. don’t let it come to a boil or you will never be able to drink it! Once it has come up to temperature just add in your chocolate of choice stirring until it melts. I used Dove Mocha Latte chocolate. It was so yummy and melted really easy.


I also had some little chocolate peppermint stir stick that i got a target. They are super cute and really yummmy! Just top with marshmallows and relax. If you want to get really fun add some of your favorite booze!! I love a little Bailys in mine!


Thank you for reading guys and let me know what else you want to see during blogmas!!

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Until my next latest thing- Laura


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