Blogmas Day 6 (Wrapping Party.)



Hello darlings!!! Back with my latest thing!!!! It is Blogmas day 6!!!! Today I am going to be sharing a fun holiday idea you can do with friends and family!!! Have a wrapping party!!!!! I love wrapping gifts!!!! I used to be terrible at wrapping. I would just throw some paper around a box and I was good to go. As I got older I got better at wrapping. I realized that having a gift nicely wrapped is special. I love the idea of someone taking time to tie a perfect little bow on your gift! Wrapping is also a great Christmas decoration!!! The presents look so beautiful sitting under your tree. It is a great way to add a little holiday cheer to your room!


A wrapping party is a way to have a lot of Christmas fun with friends!!! Invite all your friends over and make some yummy snacks, a good drink, and wrap away. I love having very unique bows and tags on my gifts. Have all your friends bring some wrapping paper and bows and everyone can share. It is like having a craft party with a Christmas twist.



You can make your gift have a theme. Donโ€™t be afraid to get creative with your wrapping!! Twine makes your gifts look rustic and cozy! You can get a little whimsical with your wrapping!! Buy some really fun paper and add colorful bows. I also love really classic wrapping. Adding a big red or silver bow!


The holidays are about having fun and spending time with loved ones. A wrapping party is a great way to do both!! So get those creative juices flowing and have some fun with ribbon!


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Until my next latest thing-Laura


12 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6 (Wrapping Party.)

  1. Wrapping presents is my absolute favourite thing to do, my family get me to wrap a lot of their presents for them because I love it so much! You’re wrapping is so cute, I love the different themes going on!

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