I’m Back With A Personal Post.




Hello darlings. I’m back!!!! I kind of disappeared from my blog on day 15 of Blogmas. Today it’s been 2 full months since I last blogged and I thought I would get on here and talk a little bit why I stopped.


So I was so determined to do Blogmas this year but I wasn’t prepared at all!!! So doing 15 days straight was actually a pretty big accomplishment. I stopped on day 15 because I realized since I wasn’t prepared I started missing out on things. I had no pre post or pre photos. So everyday I was having to come up with a fresh new idea, photo, write, and get it posted. I was having to leave family events or pass on going out because I had to get a blog post up. So I just decided you know what…. I don’t want to miss out on these things during the holiday so I stepped back and basically stopped.


Well after I quit doing Blogmas I was just kinda blahh… I was upset with myself for not sticking with it and not completing it. I also felt so uninspired. I fell out of love with makeup. I stopped watching YouTube videos… (I draw a lot of inspo form there.) I stopped going down the beauty isle when I was out shopping. I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I stopped sitting down and just playing with my makeup.


Life has also been crazy because I am finishing my last semester of college. It has been a lot of work and very stressful. College has been a long bumpy road for me so finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel has been amazing. I miss blogging though. Over the past year it has been such a great outlet. I miss being creative and engaging with everyone! So I’m back and feeling more inspired than ever!!!


So thanks to everyone who has supported me blogging and sorry I was away for a while!!!


Love you guys… Until my next latest thing!




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